Sunday, March 18, 2012

DHEA supplement - What is it?


Here is a well balanced article on DHEA I found.  It explains some of the possible beneifts and potential drawbacks of dhea, and reminds to consult a doctor first before taking dhea.

Article by G. Lalonde

A steroid hormone, DHEA supplement is often associated with claims to get rid of fat, increase memory and delay the ageing process and to lead to improved overall wellness. The way it works is that the body converts DHEA into estrogen or androgen, depending on whether you are female or male. The health benefits derive from the production of these two hormones.
As you get older your hormone levels naturally decrease. Taking a DHEA supplement will increase the hormone levels and act to slow down the ageing process and keep your body fitter. Because of this, DHEA is not usually recommended for people under the age of fifty. It is naturally produced in your body but levels tend to peak in early adulthood and steadily decrease as you age.
As with any supplement, you should check with your Doctor before taking them. He will probably run some tests to determine your current level of DHEA and determine if you need any supplement. It's important to be tested because while a DHEA supplement can bring great benefit if your levels are low, taking it when your naturally occurring levels are normal could do you some harm.
What kind of harm could taking DHEA cause. Well, since it alters your hormone levels, and your hormone levels regulate many bodily functions, throwing them out of balance could lead to any number of unpredictable results. It has been know to cause skin irritation, facial hair growth in women along with severe mood swings. If you are already being treated for hormone related problems you should probably stay away from DHEA unless your Doctor recommends it.
It isn't difficult to get DHEA in the US as it is available from many health food stores and of course there are many online sites you can shop at. Wherever you shop, it's extremely important that you make sure you are buying the right dosage because of the problems that too much DHEA can cause. And of course, we can't emphasize often enough that you should consult your Doctor before taking DHEA.
Taking a DHEA supplement may just be what you need to improve your overall feeling of wellbeing, and if your Doctor approves it, you can safely take it.
DHEA Supplement has much more information on DHEA.

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